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Single Units

These units are nothing to do with the Rhyoss race and are not recommended to be used with it. All units will work with each other and all official units but we cannot guarantee they will work with other third party units.


Arm Units

The Husky
Light Riot Tank
Made by: Sprawler

This unit was made to add a little more punch to ARM's lvl1 tanks. This unit has the same purpose as the CORE Leveler but it's weaker, slightly faster, weapons weaker with a slightly faster reload.rockets. The model itself is larger and a bigger target which is another downside. I tried to keep this unit fair but useful. I know the Leveler isn't a widely used unit but in a large group of units it's worth the resources. Same as with the Husky.

The Whisper V2
Lite Biomimic Gunship
Made by: Jakalth

This unit was made as a fun addition to the Arm's air force. This unit does not have much armor and has average speed, but it is highly manueverable. It is armed with light unguided rockets. I based this unit on a real dragonfly and tried to give it as realistic an animation as I could. So this means that its wings flap when it is flying. I hope you enjoy this little unit.

Core Units