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New race created for Orpheriun 3 TC. Posted Monday, June 28 2004 by Jakalth
It has been a long time since I have posted news to this site. But my leave of absence was needed. Recently I have started work on a new project, it is a third race for the O3 tc. This race will be a little different then the Rhyoss and Scr'ee. They will look rough but will pack a good punch. They will make a nice contrast agenst the other 2 races. Suprisingly, I already have a beta for this new race. :) The new race is called the "Zahn" and will use their own weapon styles. The ballance for this beta is not perfect yet, but it is playable. In a AI vs AI fight, the Zahn is capable of holding its own agenst both the Scr'ee and Rhyoss. This beta includes the fighters and frigates for the Zahn, a fixed watchbot file so the 4th side still works, an AI in a folder for easy editing, and a fixer file to keep the Rhyoss and Scr'ee weapons up to date. Please give any feedback you can on this beta since I am working on my own on this project. The beta can be found with the Orpheriun 3 tc files, or here: Zahn race beta1.

New section added to MI site. Posted Friday, July 11 2003 by Jakalth
I have added a new section to the Monolithic Inc site. Having a maps page in the nav bar should make it easier to find the Orpheriun 3 maps as well as any other map I upload. I have also uploaded the full TA:DS tileset/features to the maps page for those that wish to make O3 maps of your own, but can't find the tileset. Enjoy.

Orpheriun 3 does not work in Multiplayer... Posted Wednesday, July 2 2003 by Jakalth
I was wrong... The Orpheriun 3 TC used to work in multiplayer just fine, but in this last beta something changed. For a reason I do not know yet, the TC will not allow the computers to link up completely. This causes the multiplayer game to fail. I am looking for an answer to this problem and will upload a fix as soon as I can find one. Untill then, the TC will only work in single player...

Orpheriun 3 TC beta 2 released. Posted Friday, June 27 2003 by Jakalth
After several delays, a few discussions, and a much needed vacation, the beta 2 of the Orpheriun 3 TC has been released. This beta boasts a larger selection of capital ships, a couple new fighters, many retextured units, 6 tech levels, and an AI that is out for blood. This release is a major improvement over the previous beta. There are build pics for every unit in this release, but many of the build pics are only temporary. The next beta will include the rest of the retextured models, the ballance will be redone, and new build pics will be made. Please give us some feedback and ideas on this beta so that the next one can be even better.

This beta includes 2 exes, the modified orpheriun3.exe for use in single player skirmish games agenst the AI, and an unmodified o3multiplay.exe. I have included the unmodified o3multiplay.exe in hopes that it can be used to play online multiplayer games without having the install the Cavedog 3.1c patch. This should help those that have slower connections, or those that don't want to have to worry about the patch. Please let me know if this exe doesn't work correctly since I have not done much testing to see if it will work. If it doesn't work, then just follow the install instructions on the O3 download page and email me at jakalth@charter.net.

As always, the Orpheriun 3 TC can be downloaded in the races page. Use the menu to your left to get there.

More Orpheriun 3 screen shots. Posted Thursday, June 12 2003 by Jakalth
This should be something you all like, very little of my rambling and lots of screen shots. ;)

This was early in the game, I just snaped a pic of some AI fighters out on patrol. I also have a pic of a bomber group from later on in the game. This is a small group for the AI.

Later on, the AI finally clashed with each other, but for some reason this one fighter thought it could take on a hunting party by its self.

As things go in the game, it doesn't take long for the AI's to start dog fighting. So here are 2 pics of them doing so. The first pic is early on in the game, the second has a couple adv fighters joining the fray.

The AI's were a bit slow to get capital ships out this time, and for some reason, they didn't want to start fighting right away. Here is a picture of a group of frigates just sitting around. Must be a union thing...

This was close to the end of the game and one of the Scr'ee AI's decided to bring out the heavy guns. This is 2 pics that show the Infernal, Tachyon Battlecruiser firing its green tachyon wave projector, also known as "The Green Death". Note: the 3 capital ships in the line of fire of the green wave were obliterated by that one volly.

Finally, a picture of 2 AI's in a full out slugfest. Or at least what I could fit in the screen of their 2 forces.

The beta is being finalized and should be ready soon. Just finishing up the texturing.

Orpheriun 3 progress update. Posted Thursday, June 5 2003 by Jakalth
The units for the Orpheriun 3 TC have been completed and the AI is working very well. The 2 sides have been perfictly ballanced, infact, the ballance is too perfict. I will need to redue it to make the 2 sides a little more dissimilar but at least now it can be played without one side winning because its units are more powerfull overall. I have temporary build pics made for all the new units and the models are recieving a complete runthrough.

I have been testing the AI agenst itsself in several battles to make it a better enemy. The resaults of this test is an AI that can attack with brutal force and still deffend its self from attack with equal force. Below is a screenshot I took during one of the more recent tests. There are 2 Rhyoss AI's(Blue and Black) and 2 Scr'ee AI's(green and gold). They each have a fully functional and deffended base built in each corner of the map. All of the blips on the minimap, that are not in one of the corners, are attacking capitalships or fighters. The game ended up at a stalemate between gold and black after gold took out green(who was slow at collecting resources) and then black and gold both hit blue at the same time. Black and gold were unable to even reach each others base with anything but fighters due to the other ai's force of capitalships.(both of which were attacking with nearly 100 capships at a time) btw: I am the red dot on the left side of the minimap...

Enjoy the preview and keep watching. I will be releasing the beta of the Orpheriun 3 TC soon. :)

New Rhyoss race released. (Ground race) Posted Friday, May 23 2003 by Jakalth
The Rhyoss race has reached a milestone. It is now officially a completed race. The file size has been reduced by 2-3mb. All the Rhyoss aircraft have new models which look a lot better then the old designs. The adv hovertanks have there new designs, which were previewed in the last beta. There are new build pics for every unit. All the models have had there texturing adjusted or redone completely. And a little more ballancing has been done to improve the gameplay, which includes removing the Rhyoss spy kbot that was not even needed. Please feel free to give us any feedback. And as always, the Rhyoss race is available in the Races section of the site. Enjoy. :)

Another preview showing the Rhyoss, and info about the beta. (Orpheriun 3 TC) Posted Saturday, May 17 2003 by Jakalth
After recieving the resaults from a poll I placed on the forums. It seems that more people would prefer a ballanced beta. So I did not release the beta as I had planed to do. I started working on the Rhyoss to ballance them out with the Scr'ee, but I seemed to have gone a little over-board with this. Not only are both side now ballanced, but I also finished off more of the units for each side. This makes it almost a completed TC. I have only 2-6 more units that can be made for each side, but it is at a point where those units are not really even needed so they may or may not be included in the TC at all. Funny how things work. I am not shure when the next beta will be released. I have been working on the AI, trying to give it more of a bite, and by the way the ai's fight each other in an ai only battle, I may have finally succeeded. o_O Ouch... There is not much left other then tweeks now. I will post again when I have a set date for the beta, but it should be soon.

For now, here is a preview pic that shows several of the Rhyoss units and compairs their sizes to each other. Also, like the last preview, this is an ingame screenshot.

Enjoy, and be shure to give feedback or ideas in the forums or by email. jakalthbd@writeme.com

A little preview and showing you the sizes. Posted Thursday, May 1 2003 by Jakalth
I have been working on the Scr'ee units for the Orpheriun 3 TC and took a screen shot form when I was testing. In this pic you will be able to see the largest and the smallest unit out of each production plant. The smallest unit will be in the top grouping while the largest is on the bottom. You will also be able to see the texture styles used on the units and the new logo. Almost all of the textures used on these units was made by RightField, or was modified from ones he made. just click on the small image to see the full size screenshot. Enjoy.

The Orpheriun 3 TC is no where near completion yet. I still have several Scr'ee units left to make and then I still need to go through the Rhyoss and fix textures and model many of the units. If all goes well, I may be able to release a public beta(it will not be a ballanced beta since the Scr'ee will have more units then the Rhyoss) in the next few weeks.

Rhyoss install not working as it should. Posted Sunday, April 27 2003 by Jakalth
It has been brought to my attention by MuzzleFlash that the Rhyoss zip files have been unzipping into a new folder in the TA directory. This is wrong and will cause the race to not work. If you have installed the Rhyoss and not been able to get it working, check to see if it installed a "New Folder(5)" and "New Folder(7)" in the directory. If it did do this, move the files out of those folders and into the main TA directory. Then delete those folders(they are useless). This should fix the "missing dll" errors you might recieve. Also, the shortcut included in the zip files does not always work. It was made in the folder I used to make the zip files and is supposed to track the location of the exe, but doesn't seem to do that...

If you downloaded the Rhyoss after I made this post, I have fixed the zip files so that they no longer unzip into a "new folder".

Officially asking for assistance. Posted Thursday, April 17 2003 by Jakalth
I am officially asking for someone to help me make the Final Rhyoss build pics. I can do the converting and everything else, I just need help making the 96 x 96 unit pics. If anyone is willing to help out, contact me at: jakalthbd@writeme.com or on the forum at: MI Forum. You will get a write in on the race for your help, a pre-released version of the full race, and will get to preview all the new Rhyoss models before anyone else gets too. ;)

All the units have been textured, all the new models are added in, and a final run through of the ballance and animations is being done. Once the build pics are finished, I will release the Rhyoss Final for all to download and enjoy. This will be the "Completed" version. :)

Alone in the dark... Posted Tuesday, April 15 2003 by Jakalth
Wondering the dark halls of the MI site, strange sounds can be heard eminating from an unknown location. You try to find their source, but the walls suddenly surround you. As they close in, a faint light can be seen. This light grows brighter, and suddenly you are pulled in. As you are pulled through a bright tunnel, only one things can be heard, that strange sound.

"Hay, what were you doing wandering through the old site? I thought no one visited there anymore?"

Yep, someone is actually working on this site. It's a miracle! Hehe. Anyways, I am currently working on retexturing the last few Rhyoss units, and should have that done in a few days. They may not look as nice as the ones done by Canadian Terror, but they look better then they used to. I could also use a little help with one more thing. I am not very good at making build pics, if anyone would be willing to crank through over 120 units and make decent looking build pics for them, PLEASE contact me in the forum or by email: jakalthbd@writeme.com I am only good at making the black background build pics, though I could finish the rest in that style, it would look a bit more impressive with real ones.

Fixed links. Posted Sunday, January 26 2003 by Jakalth
With uploading the files and updating the download page I seemed to have missed that the links were still pointng to the old site. If you already tried downloading the Rhyoss race, but recieved an error message, it should work this time. The links have been fixed.

New Rhyoss beta released. Posted Sunday, January 26 2003 by Jakalth
Thats right. We have released another beta of the Rhyoss race. This beta has many changes from the last one including; new models for over half of the units, new effects used on the race, several modified weapons, and build pics for all the units. There are many other changes added in but it would take too long to list them all, you'll have to try the race to see the rest. These changes enhance the race making it look much better then it did in the past.

This beta was released so that you all don't have to wait for us to complete the race to enjoy all that it now offers. But due to this, the units will have a mixed texture sceme and a mix of new and old build pics. There is also a mix of old and new models in this beta. It's easy to find the newest versions, just look for the gold and smooth metal textures. We will continue to replace the old models and retexture the rest so that the next release will have a smooth theme throughout the race.

As always, the Rhyoss race can be found in the Races section of this site. And don't be afraid to email us or leave us a message in our forum if you find any bugs or have any problems with the race.

Changed again. Posted Wednesday, January 8 2003 by Jakalth
After releasing pics of the new hovertank chassis, we received quite a few responses stating that they didn't like the change. We have listened to your comments and once again redesigned the chassis. This time we decided to make a little more variety to the designs. For the lighter weight adv hovertanks, we have a new hovertank chassis that is rather unique. And for the heavier adv hovertanks, since they are too heavy to cross deep water and don't actually hover anyways, we have a tracked tank design that looks very nice. Several of the other designs, mainly those without turrets, we have a hoverpod design that works quite well for them. Most of the changes are just to the base of the units since the turrets and the bodies of some, looked good the way they were.

Here is the design to be used on the lighter of the adv hovertanks. The main battle hovertank for the Rhyoss, the Terrorizer.

Here is the design to be used on the heavier of the adv hovertanks. The Siege battle hovertank for the Rhyoss, the Jackel.

Here is the design to be used on units such as the Jammer, mobile radar, and merl adv hovertanks. The Jammer is shown.

As a bonus, I will be showing you a preview of the replacement design for the Kindred amphibious assault walker. This unit, with its swing up tail mounted turret, and amphibous/all terrian capabilities, is a true covert operations unit.

Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.

New hovertanks, and new wings. Posted Monday, January 6 2003 by Jakalth
More news from the Rhyoss TRD(Technology Research Division). There is an improved version of the adv hovertank chassie in the works. It has much greater energy efficiency over the old design and will make the Rhyoss forces more efficient in extended battles.(actual effect in most battles is negligable) Also it has the added effect of increasing moral in the troops since the new design looks more battle hardy. The old designs looked like this: (old Jakal Siege hovertank, old JackHammer mobile flak hovertank)

The new designs will look like the following: (Jakal siege hovertank, Terrorizer heavy hovertank, JackHammer mobile flak hovertank, Zulu laser hovertank, Vigilante adv artillery hovertank, Shroud mobile jammer)

There has also been some redesigns in the aircraft department. As well as a new adv con sub. (Phantom napalm bomber, Overseer air transport, Vindicator multi-role fighter, Coyote ground attack aircraft, Adv construction submarine, Rhyoss dragon tooth)

Stick around, there is more to come.

More previews. Posted Tuesday, December 24 2002 by Jakalth
Progress on the Rhyoss race has been steady. All the models that we were planning on replacing have been redone. There are a lot of units left to retexture, but it is moving ahead at a steady pace. And things are looking good so far. Below are some previews of the new Battleship model, the geothermal powerplant, the mechlab, and the cluster rocket mech. Enjoy.

The Rhyoss race has recieved a kick start. Posted Tuesday, December 24 2002 by Jakalth
We are in the process of rebuilding the race by replacing a large number of the older models with new better looking models. These include the lvl1 hovertank force, the lvl1 aircraft force, and all the ships. Several of the older structures are being replaced as well. This should make the Rhyoss race look much better. Along with the new models, we are completely retexturing all of the units and buildings, so that they show up better ingame, and making new build pics for each. Below is a picture of the new Rhyoss Neutron reactor(same as fusion reactor), the commander, con trooper(lvl1 construction kbot), the Jakal(lvl2 siege hovertank), and the new moho metal maker.

This is a sample of the new texture theme being used and how the new buildpics will look. We are going to use this style of buildpic so that we can finish up the Rhyoss race much sooner, and to make it easier to see what is in the buildpic.

I have found the missing file for the Husky. It can now be downloaded in the Unit section along with a new unit I made, the ARM Wisper. The Whisper is a lite biomimic gunship that looks and acts like a dragonfly. It is armed with lite unguided rockets and is buildable in the Arm lvl1 aircraft plant.
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