The Orpheriun system is the home of the Rhyoss. Their home world, Orpheriun 3, is a harsh and rocky world with two moons named Rho and Drah. It is the third planet out in the binary star system.

The Rhyoss are a battle-loving race that finds the thrill of combat to be the pinnacle of their existence. They had joined in battle against the Arm and Core for no other reason then to enjoy the fight. Outside observers may have thought it odd when the Rhyoss would all but conquer a world only to pull out completely before finishing off the enemy. However, the Rhyoss were not in it for conquests, for them, complete victory over the enemy would not signal a time of rejoice, but instead a time of sadness. For, in their opinion, to destroy the enemy would mean the end of battle and the loss of there most cherished activity.

When the Great War was all but over, the Rhyoss made the decision to pull back to their home sector of the galaxy and allow the Arm and Core to rebuild. They set up a massive sensor array around their entire sector to monitor their enemies and alert them when they were strong enough to resume the fight. They even hoped for a time when the Arm or Core would be strong enough to dare enter their sector of space.

From their home world, the Rhyoss High Commander had watched with delight as the battles had raged against the Arm and Core. However, with the battle halted, and no one else to fight, all that remained were the tournaments to keep the spirits up. It was with a bit of excitement that the Lieutenant Commander in charge of the sector spanning sensor array came charging into the Battle Command Center. It had been a long time since any activity had been detected near their sector.

The lieutenant quickly found the High Commander and brought him the news.

“Sir, I bring news that someone has breached the sensor array at radial coordinates 215.45:15 by 86.11:06” the lieutenant excitedly announces. “But we can detect no ships in that area.”

“Strange” remarks the High Commander, “Neither the Arm or the Core had the technology to slip past our sensors in the past. Maybe they have finally regrouped and are bringing the battle back to us? This may be great news for all of us.”

The Rhyoss High Commander sends out the order to charge up the Sector Jump gate and to prepare a squadron of scout drones to make the jump to that sector. He wanted to be sure of this good news before ordering the troops out to battle.

It was a quick jump to coordinates 215.45:15 by 86.11:06. There were no mishaps in transit and nothing to detect once they got there. The sensors, that were supposed to be in this region, were found in complete ruins. This news was relayed to the High Commander and brought some curious interest. With the sensors destroyed, that could only mean one thing. Someone was trying to invade Rhyoss space.

The High Commander relayed orders for the scouts to search the area for any sign of the ships that had been there only a short while ago. Not much time passed before a reply was received.

In a move so quick that it caught even the High Commander off guard, several cloaked fighters and a stealth destroyer make there presence known by destroying all but one of the scout drones. The ships are of a configuration that is unknown to the Rhyoss and their strength is quickly shown to be equal to that of the Rhyoss Royal Fleet.

Moments later, a massive signature is seen on the displays in the Sensor Control Center. It only takes moments for the watchmen to realize that this is not one signal, but the signal of hundreds, even thousands of ships.

The lone scout had a clear view to confirm that signal, for as far as its sensors could reach, there was ship after ship steadily making its way towards the Rhyoss sector.

A signal was sent to the Rhyoss scout from the Scr'ee stealth destroyer moments before the cloaking fighters sent it to oblivion. The signal, once translated by the Rhyoss, left the High Commander speechless.

“We are Scr’ee. You’re resources will become our resources, your technology our own, prepare for your destruction!”

As this message is relayed from base to base, a great rejoicing is echoed throughout the sector. Finally, after all the waiting, the battle was here.